Dog Boarding Professionals in Boston, Massachusetts

The Dog Boarding Industry in Boston

Overview of Dog Boarding Services in Boston

If you’re a dog owner in Boston, you know how important it is to provide the best care for your furry friend, even when you can’t be there. That’s where dog boarding services come in. Dog boarding professionals in Boston offer a safe and comfortable environment for your dog when you’re away. These services have become increasingly popular, given pet owners’ busy schedules and travel commitments.

Top 4 Dog Boarding Professionals in Boston

Urban Hounds

Urban Hounds offers a premier dog boarding experience in the heart of Boston, emphasizing a personalized approach to pet care. Their knowledgeable staff provides excellent attention to your dog's unique needs, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable stay. The facility is designed to create a welcoming environment where pets can thrive both emotionally and physically.

Services Offered:


129 Malden Street, Boston, MA 02118

Boston's Best Dog Walkers

Boston's Best Dog Walkers is known for providing high-quality dog boarding services along with excellent customer care. They ensure your dog enjoys a safe and fun environment while you're away. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to making your pet's stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible through personalized attention and care.

Services Offered:

857 312 0746

39 Northern Ave suite c 114a, Boston, MA

Red Dog Boston

Red Dog Boston provides a comprehensive range of pet care services, with a strong emphasis on ensuring a luxurious and comfortable stay for your dog. The facility boasts state-of-the-art amenities and a highly trained staff committed to delivering the highest level of care. Your pet will enjoy their spacious accommodations and ample opportunities for socialization and exercise.

Services Offered:


274 Southampton Street, Boston, MA 02118

The Doggy Port

The Doggy Port stands out for its commitment to providing a home-like environment for your pet. They ensure a cozy and safe stay, complete with ample playtime and personalized care. Their dedicated staff works diligently to cater to all your pet's needs, making the boarding experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Services Offered:

(617) 564-4686

233 Sumner St, East Boston, MA 02128

Types of Dog Boarding Facilities

When it comes to dog boarding in Boston, you have several options to choose from. Each type of facility offers its unique benefits and considerations.

Traditional Kennels

Traditional kennels are a common choice for dog boarding in Boston. These facilities typically provide individual kennels or crates for each dog. They offer basic amenities such as food, water, and exercise areas. Traditional kennels are a suitable option for dogs who are comfortable in a more structured environment.

Luxury Dog Boarding Facilities

If you want to pamper your dog while you’re away, consider luxury dog boarding facilities in Boston. These upscale establishments offer spacious accommodations, plush bedding, and additional amenities like grooming services, play areas, and even webcams so you can check in on your furry friend. Luxury dog boarding ensures that your dog receives high comfort and personalized attention.

In-Home Dog Boarding

In-home dog boarding provides a cozy and home-like experience for your dog. With this option, your dog stays in the home of a trusted and experienced dog sitter while you’re away. In-home boarding offers a more intimate setting and is an excellent choice for dogs with a quieter and more personalized environment.

Doggy Daycare with Boarding Services

Some doggy daycare facilities in Boston also offer boarding services. This could be a great option if your dog enjoys socializing and playing with other dogs. Doggy daycare with boarding services provides your dog with both daytime activities and overnight care, ensuring they have a fun and active experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Boarding Professional

When selecting a dog boarding professional in Boston, there are several factors you should take into account to ensure the best experience for your dog.

Location and Accessibility

Choosing a boarding facility that is conveniently located and easily accessible is essential. Consider the distance from your home or workplace and transportation options. Having a facility not too far out of your way is helpful, especially if you have a busy schedule or need to drop off or pick up your dog during specific hours.

Facility Amenities and Safety Measures

Take a close look at the amenities and safety measures the boarding facility provides. Ensure that they offer clean and secure environments for the dogs. Check for separate play areas, adequate ventilation, and comfortable bedding. Additionally, inquire about their emergency protocols and any certifications or accreditations demonstrating their commitment to safety and quality care.

Staff Qualifications and Training

The qualifications and training of the staff members are crucial considerations when choosing a dog boarding professional. Experienced and well-trained staff can provide proper care, handle potential issues or emergencies, and create a positive dog environment. Look for facilities with knowledgeable staff members who genuinely love dogs and are equipped to meet their needs.

Reviews and Recommendations

One of the best ways to gauge the quality of a dog boarding professional is by reading reviews and seeking recommendations. Check online platforms, such as review websites or social media, for feedback from previous customers. Positive reviews and recommendations from trusted sources can give you confidence in your choice.

Common Questions About Dog Boarding in Boston

When you can board, your dog depends on your needs and the boarding facility’s policies. Some facilities offer short-term boarding for a few days, while others accommodate longer stays, such as weeks or months. Discuss your requirements with the boarding professionals to find a suitable arrangement for your dog.

When packing for your dog’s stay, include their regular food, treats, and any required medication. Packaging a familiar blanket or toy that smells like home is also a good idea to provide comfort. Some facilities may have specific guidelines, so it’s best to inquire beforehand to ensure you bring everything your dog needs.

Most boarding facilities allow you to bring your dog’s bed and toys as long as they are safe and appropriate. These familiar items can provide comfort and help your dog feel more at ease in the new environment. However, it’s important to clearly label your belongings with your dog’s name to avoid mix-ups.

Supervision of dogs during boarding varies depending on the facility. Reputable boarding professionals in Boston prioritize the safety and well-being of the dogs in their care. They have trained staff members who monitor the dogs, ensure they have adequate exercise and playtime, and address any issues that may arise. Some facilities may even have live webcams, allowing you to remotely check in on your dog.

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, dog boarding professionals are prepared to handle the situation promptly and appropriately. They should have established protocols for emergencies, including access to veterinary care. When choosing a boarding facility, inquire about their emergency procedures and ensure you are comfortable with their level of preparedness.

Many dog boarding facilities offer socialization opportunities for dogs, allowing them to interact with other dogs if appropriate. However, this can vary depending on the individual dog’s temperament and the facility’s policies. If you prefer your dog to have socialization time, inquire about options and ensure they have suitable playgroups or supervised interactions.

Exercise routines during boarding can vary depending on the facility and your dog’s needs. Reputable professionals understand the importance of exercise for a dog’s physical and mental well-being. They typically provide regular exercise and playtime to ensure the dogs get the required activity. Discuss your dog’s exercise requirements with the boarding professional to ensure they are adequately met.

To make a reservation, contact the dog boarding professional directly. They will provide the necessary information, including availability, rates, and paperwork. Making reservations well in advance is advisable, especially during peak times or holidays when boarding facilities are in high demand.

Most dog boarding professionals in Boston require dogs to be up-to-date on their vaccinations to ensure the health and safety of all the dogs in their care. Commonly required vaccinations include rabies, distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough). Check with the boarding facility for their specific vaccination requirements and provide them with the necessary documentation before your dog’s stay. With a wide range of dog boarding professionals in Boston, you can find the perfect option for your furry friend. 
By considering factors such as location, amenities, staff qualifications, and reviews, you can make an informed decision that ensures a positive boarding experience for your beloved companion. Remember to pack your dog’s essentials, ask questions, and make informed reservations. With a reliable dog boarding professional in Boston, you can have peace of mind knowing your dog is in good hands while you’re away.


To ensure the best dog boarding experience in Boston, choosing a reputable professional who can provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet is crucial. When deciding, consider factors such as location, amenities, staff qualifications, and reviews. Whether you opt for traditional kennels, luxury facilities, in-home boarding, or doggy daycare with boarding services, prioritize your dog’s well-being.
Pack essential items for your dog’s stay, communicate openly with the boarding professionals, and make reservations in advance. Stay informed about vaccination requirements and ensure your dog is up to date.
By selecting the right dog boarding professional in Boston, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furry friend will receive the care and attention they deserve while you are away. Trustworthy and reputable boarding professionals will create a positive and nurturing experience for your dog, allowing you to enjoy your time away confidently.